Two days of riding on Whistler Trails

Photos of the North Ranch Mountain Bikers of Ventura County. Click on an image to see it full size.

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This plant is called Devil's Club. The leaves are about a foot across and look like giant maple leaves. The stems and the undersides of the leaves are lined with poisoned thorns. You don't want to grab this plant! It grows in very wet locations like on the banks of little streams.
Back to the road to the west of Alta Lake (the other side from Whistler Village)
What do you suppose a home with this view is worth, especially when the olympics will be here in 2010?
Same home, slightly different angle.
Panoramic view from the dock at Rainbow Park on Alta Lake. This will be a good place to cool off on the way back to the Village after riding the Flank Trail!

The paved Valley Trail runs next to the Whistler Golf Course, one of three in the valley
If you don't like mountains when you golf, too bad, because they're on all sides!
As sunset approaches, the view of Blackcomb from the Whistler Brew House
Dinner at the Mongolian Barbecue, you heap food from these bins into your bowl...
And watch the chefs play with it when they're cooking it!
It's hard to see, but the tops say "canadian chicks rule." On the back, the panties say "canadian chicks kick ass." Just some of the many items to be had in one of the many shops in Whistler Village.
The Whistler Brew House, the best place to visit after a hot day of riding. Or even a wet day of riding!
This is a banana slug, a relative of the snails we have in southern California. Except these ones don't go cruch when you step on them in the dark. There's a saying that goes like this: "Slipperier than a slug on the sidewalk!"
On the way back to Vancouver, a few miles south of Squamish, is Shannon Falls
From the viewpoint in the park, you can only see the lowest section of this very tall waterfall.

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