Two days of riding on Whistler Trails

Photos of the North Ranch Mountain Bikers of Ventura County. Click on an image to see it full size.

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This little stream had really orange water in it.
Back on the paved Valley Trail and heading for the Flank Trail, you pass the seaplane port on the south end of Green Lake. From here you can get a flight to see the local mountains, or take your bike with you and get dropped off high in the mountains, just like helicopter skiing.
Some wildflowers along the way
They've built this structure specifically for bikes and hikers
The trailhead to Rick's Roost, a dirt road that connects to the Rainbow-Sproatt Flank Trail
It's pretty rocky and pretty steep. Think of Romero Canyon, only steeper. Or maybe cross Bulldog with the Creek of Doom (actually it wasn't as bad as that).
They've put these signs at all the major junctions so you can find your way. Even so, it helps to have a map. A good map.
Just in case you're not sure this is the right trail...
Even though it's a dirt road, it narrows down to a single track. Most of it is a pretty easy climb, except for the beginning and end.
Looking back down you can see Blackcomb on the left and Whistler on the right
The junction of Rick's Roost with the Flank Trail. I went straight, which is north on the Flank Trail. When we go there in July, we will NOT be going this way! It was too steep and rocky.
There's a bridge over Nineteen Mile Creek. This is where I should have turned around, but the maps said there were great views ahead...
That's Black Tusk in the distance, hard to see because of the clouds surrounding it
The thistles here look a little different from those in California
There were lots of lupins next to the steep, rocky trail. I had lots of time to look around as I pushed my bike up and up and up
Finally, the viewpoint of the valley. The lake in the middle is Alta Lake, Whistler is to its left, and Blackcomb is even further left
On the way back down you can see Rainbow Mountain in the distance

Well, bears in the woods will do what bears do
On the Flank Trail south of Rick's Roost (a section we WILL ride), you can see the mountains behind Green Lake

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