Two days of riding on Whistler Trails

Photos of the North Ranch Mountain Bikers of Ventura County. Click on an image to see it full size.

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There weren't many people at the bike park when I got back to Whistler Village, but there were some. There's a drop towards the right of this picture, in the middle.
Going over the drop. Those vertical white streaks are raindrops.
The next day, Monday, the rain had disappeared to leave partly cloudy skies. This is the dirt jump park between the Village and Lost Lake Park
That's the paved Valley Trail on the right
This is right next to the dirt jump park

And this is for skateboarders
Lost Lake Park has a lake in it, Lost Lake. It's good for swimming in the summer
Starting up the Molly Hoagan trail in Lost Lake Park, another really well groomed trail.
I took the Molly Hoagan trail to get to Comfortably Numb as quickly as I could. I had a lot of ground to cover in one day.
I didn't quite make it up this hill. I chose the smoother path to the left of the tree in the center. You can clearly see the track I left. However, when I hit the root my rear wheel spun, I skinned all the bark off the root, and the forward motion ended. Things were quite slippery from all the rain we had the day before.
Another obstacle on Comfortably Numb that I chose to walk, especially since I was riding alone on a weekday. I didn't see anyone else on this trail
A steep ramp with a much easier path to the left
It took me a while to find my way through this section
The trail went through an Ultimate Frisbee course, so there were other paths that looked just as easy (?) as the real trail
I was pretty sure my trail didn't go down there
This granite rock, about 3 feet high, was another obstacle I chose to walk (in both directions). Maybe I would have tried it if I had my own bike, and was with people who could call for the helicopter if need be.
Part of the trail were quite blissful

This is where I decided to turn back, about a mile in, or probably even less
This shows what the rocks and roots are like

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