Directions to get to Sedona, via Flagstaff

Total Distance: 533 miles

Estimated Time: 9:31 hours

This route is shown in yellow on the map; other possible routes are shown in purple

The following driving directions are from Thousand Oaks to the intersection of SR179 and SR89A, roughly the middle of Sedona. You'll have to find your own way from there to your hotel. (Note: Don't rely on these instructions alone! They were compiled from a number of sources that are expected to be accurate, but they have never been tested. Take the appropriate maps with you to make sure you don't get lost.)

From To Leg Dist Time
Ventura Fwy (US 101) Hollywood Fwy (US 101) 30.98 mi 30.98 mi   0:36
Hollywood Fwy (US 101) Santa Ana Fwy (US 101) 11.68 mi 42.66 mi   0:50
Santa Ana Fwy (US 101) San Bernardino Fwy 0.24 mi 42.90 mi   0:50
San Bernardino Fwy I-10 (San Bernardino Fwy) 0.70 mi 43.60 mi   0:51
I-10 (San Bernardino Fwy) I-15 (Devore Fwy) 39.71 mi 83.31 mi   1:38
I-15 (Devore Fwy) I-40 (Needles Fwy) 72.92 mi 156.23 mi   2:55
I-40 (Needles Fwy) I-40 State Border 155.01 mi 311.24 mi   5:32
I-40 State Border I-40 191.94 mi 503.18 mi   8:46
I-40 I-17 3.02 mi 506.20 mi   8:49
I-17 Fairgrounds Rd / John Wesley Powell Blvd (Exit 337A) 2.65 mi 508.84 mi   8:52
Fairgrounds Rd SR 89A (Scenic) 0.08 mi 508.92 mi   8:52
SR 89A (Scenic) SR 89A (Scenic) 8.87 mi 517.79 mi   9:06
SR 89A (Scenic) SR 179 15.61 mi 533.40 mi   9:31