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The Palm Canyon (aka Pinyon Flats) Trail Epic Ride

The second trip here (photos) was Saturday March 10th, 2007.

The third trip here (photos) was Saturday December 15, 2007.

The first trip was led by Rainer Ullrich on Saturday December 16, 2006. Photos from the ride

Trail Rating: E5, T5

Videos from the Dec 2006 ride. The second one shows pieces of all sections of the ride.Click on the thumbnail to launch the video.

Highlights of Palm Canyon
above Palm Springs
(13:49 minutes, 82 MB)

Palm Canyon above Palm Springs
The Good, the Bad, and ...
(32 minutes,189 MB)

Palm Canyon/Pinyon Flats
above Palm Springs (Rough Cut)
(13:33 minutes, 74 MB)

Stuff fom past rides

Here is Rainer's description

Here is another view that emphasizes the difficulties of the trail

Here's a video of the trail from Mountain Bike Bill and a great description with photos and maps

Photos from a scouting trip, mid November 2006

If you're interested in joining this ride, contact Rainer Ullrich (danzaff AT pacbell DOT net). This is a very long and very demanding ride, so you must be a strong rider with very good technical skills to join this ride! Body armor is highly recommended to protect you from the cacti that line the trail, as is Slime to protect your valuable tire air against loss.