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Bryce Canyon National Park

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Notes and Acknowledgements

The photos on this web-CD were contributed by a number of people. So that you can tell who took which pictures, the picture names have been prefixed with the initials of the photographer:

Ginni Whisnant provided the photo of the Mill Canyon Mesa Trail ride. Some photos that were scanned were named for the contributor directly:

Graham Martin spent a lot of time scanning photos for this web-CD that were not available as digital files. He also provided ideas and some assistance in the development of this web-CD. Steve Clark did the bulk of the work of putting it together. Steve also burned all the CDs and Graham designed and produced the label.

All the photos on this web-CD were reduced in resolution to 1024 pixels in the longer direction. This was done to make everything consistant and to save space. At this resolution the pictures should look fine if printed at the size of a regular snapshot, about 4" x 5". However, if you want to make larger prints, you should ask the contributor, as identified above, for a copy of the original.

Finally, we need to acknowledge and thank Tamara for all the work she did in organizing this fantastic expedition to Moab, and Randy for leading the rides and for providing lots of opportunities for us to take pictures of him pushing his bike up the hills.