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Trail Maps of the Kernville area for the Fat Tire Festival

All of the images on this page are thumbnails of the full-sized pictures. Click on the thumbnail to see it full-size. For the maps, thick blue lines represent fireroads and narrow blue lines represent singletrack. For the profiles, the horizontal scale is doubled compared to the rest of the profiles on this site, but the vertical scale is the same, so the trails look twice as steep.

Overview maps of the Kernville area in 2D and 3D.

KernvilleAreaMap2D.jpg KernvilleAreaMap3DfromSouth.jpg
That's Lake Isabella in the middle; Kernville is at the north end of the lake. 

Maps of the Alta Sierra Trail

 2-dimensional map. Pavement is represented by a heavy black line and the dotted black line is the ride back to town on Hwy 155. The ride from town to the MRA campground is not shown.

Profile of the trail. The three miles from town back to the Mountain and River Adventures campground is not included in the profile even though you have to ride it to get back to your vehicle.
3D map from the south-west, showing the top of the trail and the long tedius climb up the fireroad. The frst loop is partly hidden.
3D map from the east-south-east, looking up the trail from the bottom.

Maps of the Cannell Trail

 2D map of the Cannell Trail. The dotted blue line at the top is the extension that starts at Sherman Pass and ends at Big Meadow, adding 8 miles of singletrack to the ride. The dotted black line is the short ride on the pavement back to the MRA campground and showers.
Profile of the Cannell Trail. The regular ride is 20.7 miles, but the extension at the beginning from Sherman Pass (shown in brown) makes it 25.5 miles and adds about 1000 feet of climbing.


3D map of the trail from the north, showing the beginning of the trail in the foreground.In the upper right corner, parts of the Alta Sierra Trail are visible.
3D map of the trail from the south, showing the Cannell Plunge in the foreground.
3D map of the trail from the west.


Maps of the Kern Canyon Trail

2D map of the trail. It starts at the top right, near Lake Isabella, at the parking lot for the raft launching facility. It ends many miles down the canyon next to the highway.
Trail profile of the short version of the route, staying on the paved and dirt road for the first third. The longer route adds about 5 more miles.
3D map of the trail, from the south-west. Part of the Alta Sierra Trail can be seen near the top in the middle.